Our data center environmental issues have been resolved. All systems have been restored. Services are all fully operational at this time. Our facility provider is working on implementing additional preventative measures at the data center to avoid a future occurrence. Thank you for your patience as we worked through these issues throughout the night. If you are experiencing any service issues as of this morning, please email us at or call us at 716-961-2120 option 3 and our Support Team will be glad to assist.

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Tori Allegretto

Datacenter facility staff have restored all air conditioning systems to full capacity. Systems are now recovering and we anticipate full restoration momentarily. The facility is undergoing work to add additional air conditioning capacity to augment the capacity to allow the facility additional layers of cooling overhead. Technicians will be on site monitoring and addressing any systemic issues.

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We have multiple engineers on site at the datacenter. We are installing additional AC units while working to restore service. We will provide additional updates as we progress.

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Denise Carlson

Our datacenter provider is currently experiencing an air conditioning failure. We are starting to see equipment fail, which is causing service outages.

Our Engineering and leadership teams are fully engaged. We have team members heading to the datacenter to have an on site presence.

Our Support team members are engaged and will be responding to tickets. We will provide status updates as they become available at

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Denise Carlson
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